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Commercial Property Business Insurance

Commercial Property business Insurance is an insurance which is in place to help landlords and owners protect buildings against damage; landlords and owners are also covered for theft. If you rent out commercial spaces such as offices, warehouses, shops it is best to protect yourself and your buildings There are many optional extras that can be added to your policy once you have decided exactly what it is that you need for your company, your business and for your workers.

What We Will Cover

At Deninsure our specialist knowledge is apparent when dealing with commercial properties. We will provide you with a very competitive quote.As we have been providing insurance cover for a number of years our contacts within the industry and our experience means that we are able to compete with the best allowing us to give you a competitive insurance quote and a service tailored specifically for your needs:

  • Policies can cover the protection of a single property or a number of properties
  • Replacement of locks & keys including extra keys.
  • Cable cover
  • Safety items, such as fire extinguishers (refilling)
  • Damage to windows and doors
  • Pipes
  • Fire and/or flood
  • Rehouse tenants in the event of fire or flood.
  • Trace and access cover
  • Glass

There are times when you are surprised at the nonsensical damage that can be committed against your property. With our policies, when you let your property to business’ individuals or tenants you are protected against theft and malicious damage to furniture or damage to the fabric of the building by tenants. It is always within your interest to protect yourself from such eventualities. When your property has been damaged you may have a substantial amount of repairs that will need to be done as well as suffer loss of rental income. Without adequate insurance protection it can be very expensive and time consuming to put damage right.

Commercial Combined

Our aim is to provide the service that you need, whether you have one or two properties or a number of properties in your portfolio, we have the ability, the know-how and the resources. We can help you to protect yourself and your properties by providing tailored required insurance cover for your commercial properties. We can also provide you with insurance cover for your Commercial Property which will include Public Liability Insurance and Employers Liability.

What type of Cover

When deciding what type of cover you may need for your commercial properties, it is best to keep in mind that things that may affect your premiums could include such things as, the type of business your tenants are undertaking within your property, the risk factor to customers/clients using the premises, building construction, where your business is located, how adequate your protection of the premises is, alarms, security doors, grilles, shutters and even if there are any Health & Safety or Health & Hygiene issues.

Adequate Insurance cover is one of those expenses that many try to avoid, until the moment that it is needed it is an inconvenient and expensive bother, at Deninsure we make sure that your policy is set up with your requirements in mind and with minimum fuss. Our Insurance quotes are competitive and our vast experience and knowledge puts us in a prime position to be able to offer you what you need. Don’t let adequate insurance cover be something you wish you had taken out.